bay_leaf_web.jpgBay Leaves!
A customer discovered in a dated "Heloise" book that bay leaves, strategically placed, will keep the spiders away. We were skeptical, but placed half a bay leaf in each corner of the four window sills positioned 20 feet up a stove pipe in a towering cupola. The first ladder climb left us draped in was gross! We cleared all of the webs, washed the windows at the top and placed the bay leaves. She had us out the following cob webs!! Every month on schedule, and no cob webs! We replaced the leaves each visit. They had to be fresh and cut in two. So said Heloise and so went the spiders. Give it a try. For some reason this was unsuccessful on garage shop windows and also on the outside of windows, we suspect because it is too airy and the bay leaves dried out too quickly..

Sonic boxes!
You can also get what I call "Sonic Boxes" which are plug-in wall devices that create a sonic sound wave that not only spiders can't stand, but mice and other varmants too!! I have also seen these ingenious boxes effectively used outside. They come equipped with a knob on the back, turned to change the frequency should some creatures decide to adapt! Dogs and cats, curiously, are not affected by the waves. Go figure! You can find them in the back of magazines or online. I haven't used these lately at my own house but I do still use the bay leaves. Find a friend with a bay tree!!

Cob Web Brushing!
Constant brushing away of cobwebs is very effective. I'm not sure why, but they tend not to wanthornet_web.jpg to rebuild their condo spider webs over and over. Just an observation. One time I let them have this one wall, brush free, and they built one big spider community! And left the other walls alone! No real science here! Just an observation!!!

Wasp And Hornet Nests!
Get rid of them immediately and constantly, as they will come back. They have soldiers that will dive bomb you if they feel threatened! Get rid of them when you see them. There's a dormant period, usually in the winter months where they vacate the nests. Get them out while they not at home! These guys are more serious than commonly understood. They have stingers that hurt people and pets, especially if allergic. I have seen them engulf the insides of walls and attics. And on a selfish note, I'm beginning to believe, that they have a vicious sense of humor when it comes to window cleaners!!!

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